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Medical Device Clean Room Medical Device Clean Room Medical Device Clean Room Medical Device Clean Room
Design Standard of Medical Device Clean Room
Cleanliness GradeLevel of CleanlinessMicrobe concentration Number/VesselApplicable Range
Surgical AreaSurrounding AreaSurgical AreaSurrounding Area
Special Clean 10000.20.4Aseptic Operations of Joint Replacement, Organ Transplantation, Brain Surgery, Cardiac Surgery and Ophthalmology
Standard Clean10002,0000.751.5Aseptic Operations of Brain Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Urinary Surgery, Hepatobiliary and Bone Surgery, Pancreatic Surgery, Ovum Transplantation and General Surgery
Ordinary Clean1000020,00024Operations of General Surgery and Gynecology and Obstetrics
Quasi Clean3000005Anorectal Surgery and Surgery for the Infected Part
Pictures of Clean Operating Room
Pictures of Clean Surgical Operating Room
Pictures of Corridor and Clean Laboratory

The operating room has high requirements on cleanliness so as to protect the wound from bacteria and dust during operation. The index such as the number of the bacteria in the air is strictly limited.

Our medical device clean room is available in four cleanliness levels. The maximum number of settling or airborne microbe per cubic meter of our quasi clean operating room does not exceed 5. This environment is fit for ordinary operations like anorectal surgery.

The infection possibility of brain surgery and organ transplantation is comparatively high, so the operating environment should be very clean. In our particularly clean operation room, the bacterium concentration is no more than 0.2 per cubic meter in the surgical area and no more than 0.4 per cubic meter in the surrounding area. With high cleanliness level available, the special cleanroom can be used for conducting operations with high infection possibility.

In addition, we also supply standard and ordinary medical device clean rooms for hospitals to implement the operations such as urinary surgery and E.N.T. surgery safely.

Wuxi Yijing is an experienced medical device clean room manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as stainless steel pass box, vertical laminar flow clean bench, and open type laminar flow cabinet.

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