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The aseptic clean room is often made of EPS plate. It is generally 4 to 5 square meters in size, with the height around 2.5m. A buffer room is required out of the aseptic room and the doors of both rooms should be set toward different directions to avoid airflow bringing in bacteria.

Aseptic Clean Room

The buffer room and aseptic clean room should be airtight. The ventilation equipment in the room should be furnished with air filter. The wall and floor of the sterile room should be flat to prevent dust and contamination accumulating as well as facilitate washing. The surface of the operational table should be horizontal. Ultraviolet lamps are installed in the buffer room and aseptic room. The distance between the lamp and workbench should be 1m.

Aseptic clean room mostly appears in the microbial plants. For ordinary laboratories, super clean bench is used. The main function of a super clean bench is to remove microscopic dust, including microorganism, from the work surface by laminar air flow means. The air passes through efficient filter and then enters the space above the work surface, keeping the work surface controlled under flowing sterile air. Also, there is an air curtain flowing at a high speed for preventing external contaminated air entering.

Aseptic technique not only plays an important part in microbiological research and application but also is widely used in many biotechnologies, such as transgenic technology, monoclonal antibody technology, etc.

1. The operator should firstly turn off the ultraviolet lamp after entering the aseptic clean room. Also, the rules for aseptic operation should be obeyed strictly to avoid microbial contamination.

2. Sterile operating room and buffer room should be set in the aseptic clean room. The cleanliness level for the sterile operating room should reach Class 10000. The indoor temperature and humidity should be kept within the range of 20 to 24℃ and 45% to 60% respectively. The cleanliness level for the clean bench ought to be Class 100.

3. The aseptic room should be kept clean from the unrelated stuff to avoid contamination. All sterilization equipment and culture medium should be protected from contamination. The contaminated ones are forbidden to be used.

4. The aseptic clean room should be sterilized with suitable disinfectant on a regular basis to ensure its cleanliness meeting the requirements.

5. All the items, such as instrument and devices, needed to be brought into the cleanroom should be packed tightly and disinfected with the suitable method.

6. Before entering the bioclean room, the working staff should wash and disinfect hands with soap or disinfectant and wear special work clothes, shoes, hat, mask and gloves. The worker can also wipe hands with 70% ethanol to avoid wearing gloves.

7. Before using the aseptic room, open the ultraviolet lamp and keep it working for at least 30 minutes. Meanwhile, start the super clean bench for air blowing. After operations are finished, clean the aseptic room immediately and open the ultraviolet lamp for 20 minutes.

8. Before inspection, the test sample should be kept with whole external packing to prevent contamination. Then, use the 70% ethanol to disinfect the exterior surface of the test sample.

9. Articles with viable organism should be sterilized first and then washed with water to avoid contaminating the sewer.

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