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The clean booth is a simply type clean room. It can be constructed quickly and easily. There is a special purification lamp on its top. As the air purification equipment for providing partial environment with high cleanliness, the product is designed with the interior cleanliness level up to Class 100 to 10000. Generally, this modular clean room is built with the outside length, width and height of 2000mm, 2000mm and 2300mm respectively. Its interior dimensions are 2000×2000×2000mm. In addition, we can produce portable cleanroom with different specifications according to customer requirements.

Working Principle
Air is inhaled from the top of the fan filter unit. Through the action of primary efficiency air filter and high efficiency air filter, the filtered clean air enters the clean booth. The speed of the air flow at the air outlet is 0.45m/s with the tolerance of ±20%. The clean air flow in the clean room tent is vertical and unidirectional, ensuring the needed cleanliness of the working area.

1. Frame: Made of plastic sprayed square steel tube with the dimensions of 50×50mm or SUS304 stainless steel. This type of frame is firm, nice and resistant to rust and dust.

2. Electrostatic curtain: It is a mesh curtain with the mesh size of 0.5mm. The electrostatic curtain of our clean booth has many merits, including good anti-static effect, high transparency, clear grid, excellent flexibility, as well as resistance to deformation, aging and dust.

3. Top cover: It is made of 1.2mm thick cold rolled steel plate processed with plastic electrostatic spraying or the SUS304 stainless square tube.

4. Fan filter unit: American Kindly centrifugal fan with the dimensions of 1175×575×250mm is used. It can work reliably for a long time. The unique air duct design adopted in our clean booth greatly enhances the efficiency and lowers the noise produced by the fan. Efficient two-stage filtration system is adopted and its filtration efficiency is up to 99.99%. The minimum diameter of the filtered particle can be 0.3um. The system can also achieve speed adjustment of air flow with the maximum air volume of 1400m³/min.

The fan filter unit has the advantages of long service life, low noise, free maintenance, small vibration and stepless speed adjustment.

We are a specialized clean booth manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including Class 100 laminar flow cabinet, pass box, air curtain, clean bench, and much more.

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