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Pre-painted Steel Air Shower Pre-painted Steel Air Shower

The pre-painted steel air shower is assorted for clean workshop and small mountable cleanroom to blow off the dust attached to human body or their accompanying articles. It also acts as the airlock to prevent unpurified air from coming into the clean area. It is an effective equipment to eliminate the contamination of the clean area.

The YJ series product is made of heat insulating foaming color siding and aluminum alloy constructional element. It is configured with centrifuge fan, the primary and high efficiency particulate air (HEPA). The equipment has the features of compact structure, easy examination and repairment, artistic appearance and easy operation, etc.

Working Principles
The air in the pre-painted steel air shower passes through the primary efficiency air filter and enters the plenum box under the blow of the fan. After being filtered by the HEPA, clean air sprays from the air shower nozzles in high velocity. The angle of the nozzles is adjustable so that the dust and particle are completely blasted off the personnel or their accompanying articles. The dust and particle blown off come back into the primary efficiency filter and enter a recycling process.

Applications and Features
The pre-painted steel air shower is purification equipment that the personnel pass before entering the cleanroom. It produces high speed clean air flow to blast the contaminations off the personnel. The spraying nozzle is adjustable so that it can effectively eliminate the dust on human body and prevent outside pollutants from coming into the clean area. This equipment is also suitable for large cargo.

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