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Door Interlock Pass Box Door Interlock Pass BoxDoor Interlock Pass Box Door Interlock Pass Box Door Interlock Pass Box

The two doors of the pass box take usage of mechanical interlocking to guarantee the doors cannot be opened at the same time. The doors are flat, smooth and have no welding spot. Meanwhile, they are furnished with transparent visible observation windows. The sealing strip is also employed on the two doors to ensure the sealing performance. Meanwhile, designed with round corner, the interior of the cleanroom pass through chamber is nice and easy for cleaning.

Technical Specifications
TypeOutside Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm)Inside Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm)Remark
1400×400×400280×320×320SUS304 Stainless Steel

The whole body of the door interlock pass box is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The product is equipped with the Taihu ultraviolet sterilizing lamp with the power of 10W and the wavelength of 254nm for getting ideal sterilization effect. Meanwhile, the ultraviolet lamp is embedded in the product for reducing the contact between the delivered articles and the lamp tube to guarantee safe use. In addition, the filled material for the transfer hatch is polyurethane which has high fire protection rating. Furthermore, customers can get a free ultraviolet lamp tube matching with the product.

Also called shortwave sterilizing ultraviolet, the UVC wave band has wavelength ranging from 200 to 275nm. It has the weakest penetrability and cannot penetrate most of the transparent glass and plastic. The ozonosphere can absorb almost all the shortwave ultraviolet in the sunlight. The shortwave ultraviolet can cause severe damage to human body. Short time irradiation can burn the skin. And long-term or high-intensity irradiation can cause skin cancer. The ultraviolet lamp can emit the UVC shortwave ultraviolet. So we warn that the ultraviolet lamp cannot be opened when the doors of the pass box are in the open state to avoid causing harm.

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