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FM30 Air Curtain

The FM30 air curtain is a product with a novel arc design. The adopted high efficiency PTC heating element is developed by integrating the latest technology from abroad. It is safe and has the features of no open fire, long lifetime and high durability. Meanwhile, our air door is equipped with a contactor and can achieve free switching between cold and hot air.

The control box for rated current and the manual control switch device can be available. The mounting height within 3m is proper for the air barrier. Several sets of such product can be assembled together for matching with the width of door. Our air curtain is very fit for use in hospital, shopping mall, restaurant and others.

Technical Specifications
Model Power (W) Air Speed at Air Outlet (m/s) Air Volume (m3/min) Mounting Height Noise (dB) Outside Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
YJFM30-60 80 10-13 35-40 Within 3m ≤60 600×240×240 14
YJFM30-90 120 10-13 40-45 ≤62 900×240×240 18
YJFM30-100 180 10-13 42-47 ≤63 1000×240×240 20
YJFM30-120 180 10-13 45-50 ≤64 1200×240×240 21
YJFM30-150 250 10-13 50-55 ≤66 1500×240×240 25
YJFM30-180 370 10-15 55-65 ≤68 1800×240×240 30

This series of air curtains has six kinds with the models of YJFM30-60, YJFM30-90, YJFM30-100, YJFM30-120, YJFM30-150 and YJFM30-180. They are different in dimension, power and air volume and can meet the needs of customers fully. The YJFM30-60 product has the smallest size and weight. It can be installed easily and flexibly. Meanwhile, it can provide the air volume of 35 to 40m³/min and has low working noise which is no greater than 60dB. The YJFM30-180 product has the largest power of 370W and can provide the air volume up to 55 to 65m³/min. It has the largest size of 1800×240×240mm and needs enough space for installation.

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