FM18 High Velocity Air Curtain

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FM18 High Velocity Air Curtain FM18 High Velocity Air Curtain

The FM18 high velocity air curtain can provide strong wind and is especially fit for the application in industrial workshop. The proper mounting height is within 5m for ensuring full use of the wind force of the air barrier. Several pieces of such product can be used together.

Our air curtain adopts the PTC heating element which takes usage of advanced foreign technology and has the advantages of high safeness, long life span, high durability and no open flame. Furnished with contactors, the air door can realize the cold and hot air switching freely. The rated current control box and the manual control switch device are available.

Technical Specifications
ModelPower (W)Air Speed at Air Outlet (m/s)Air Volume (m3/min) Mounting HeightNoise (dB)Outside Dimension (mm)Weight (kg)
YJFM18-90025013-1550-60Within 5m≤68900×270×27020

This series of strong wind air curtains has three kinds including YJFM18-900 type, YJFM18-1200 type and YJFM18-1500 type. Designed with high air speed at air outlet of 13 to 15m/s, the three types of products can insulate heat and prevent dust effectively. Different in power consumption, the products can provide different air volumes. With the largest power of 400W, the YJFM18-1500 product can provide the air volume of 70 to 80m³/min with the working noise not exceeding 72dB. Designed with the dimension of 1500×270×270mm and the weight of 30kg, the YJFM18-1500 product can be carried or installed conveniently. It is the ideal air purification equipment with small volume but powerful function.

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