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Open Type Laminar Flow Cabinet

The open type laminar flow cabinet takes usage of 1.2mm thick cold rolled steel plate to produce the outer housing of the product through plastic spraying. It has strong resistance to impact and corrosion.

Our dust-free cabinet can achieve three grades of air filtration and the filtration efficiency for filtering the dust particle with the diameter of 0.3µm can be 99.995%. The adopted high efficiency air filter is ultra thin and has no baffle.

Technical Parameters
TypeOpen Type
Purification LevelClass 100 (American Federal 209E Standard)
Filtration Efficiency99.995% (for the dust particle with the diameter of 0.3µm)
Dimension of Baffleless High Efficiency Air Filter (Two Sets) (mm)1220×610×70
Total Power of Fan (One Set) (W)450
Air Volume (m3/h)3000
Rated Average Air Speed (m/s)0.3-0.6 (Adjustable)
Noise (dB)≤62
Power SupplySingle Phase 220V/50Hz
Outside Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)1300×680×1920
Dimension of Every Part of the Working Area (mm)1220×410×310
Overall Weight (kg)About 200

The open type laminar flow cabinet is divided into four parts with the height of every part of 310mm. Every baffle is made of 1.2mm thick steel plate and has 5mm thick tempered glass on the steel plate. Meanwhile, the four-shelf laminar flow cabinet is equipped with one centrifugal fan which can provide strong air volume of 3000m³/h. The fan has the function of six-level stepless speed adjustment.

The control panel of the Class 100 clean closet adopts soft contact computer control switch. Two directional wheels, two universal wheels and the mat for adjusting height are available for the product. In addition, on the back of the open type storage cabinet, there is a maintenance board which can be removed for easy maintenance and air filter replacement.

We are an open type laminar flow cabinet manufacturer in China. We offer a broad range of products, including double door laminar flow cabinet, double person air shower, horizontal laminar flow clean bench and more.

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