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Double Door Laminar Flow Cabinet

The double door laminar flow cabinet has two stainless steel doors with door stopper. The baffle is made of SUS304 stainless steel and designed with punching. The product is furnished with two baffleless ultra-thin high efficiency air filters. By taking internal circulation system, it has a much cleaner internal environment and the lifetime of the high efficiency air filter can be prolonged effectively. Meanwhile, the transparent PMMA is employed on the stainless steel doors for easy lighting and observation.

Technical Parameters
TypeDouble-door Type
Purification LevelClass 100 (American Federal 209E Standard)
Filtration Efficiency99.995% (for the dust particle with the diameter of 0.3µm)
Dimension of Baffleless High Efficiency Air Filter (Two Sets) (mm)1220×610×70
Total Power of Fan (One Set) (W)450
Air Volume (m3/h)3000
Rated Average Air Speed (m/s)0.3-0.6 (Adjustable)
Noise (dB)≤62 (A)
Power SupplySingle Phase 220V/50Hz
Outside Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)1300×680×1920
Dimension of Every Part of the Working Area (mm)1220×410×310
Overall Weight (kg)About 200

The outer housing of the double door laminar flow cabinet is made of 1.2mm thick cold rolled steel plate and produced through plastic spraying. The product has four separated parts as the working areas. It can achieve primary, medium and high efficiency air filtration with the efficiency of 99.995% for the dust particle with the diameter of 0.3µm.

The fan that our laminar flow cabinet adopts can realize stepless speed adjustment and has total six levels for speed adjusting. The soft contact computer control switch is applied on the control panel. The caster wheels of the laminar flow storage cabinet have two universal types, two directional types and the height adjusting mat. In addition, the removable maintenance panel on the back of the Class 100 storage cabinet is set for easy maintenance and air filter replacement.

In the aspects of structure and dimension, the double door laminar flow cabinet is similar to the open type product. But the double door product adopts the clean mode of internal circulation, which can reduce the operating frequency and prolong the lifetime of the air filter. The punching design for the four baffles can link the four parts together and allow the clean air circulating in the interior of the dust-free cabinet. Meanwhile, the double stainless steel doors are equipped to the product. The door frame is made of SUS304 stainless and has been processed with several processes including polishing. It has high glossiness.

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