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The management and control for clean room of our company often involves in the following aspects
1. It can remove the dust particles drifting in the air and the harmful gas and avoid the generation of the dust particles.
2. It can not only control the temperature and humidity but also adjust the pressure in the room.
3. The air tightness between the structure and compartment can be assured.
4. The static electricity should be prevented. Meanwhile, the clean room can also prevent electromagnetic interference.
5. The security and energy saving are also considered to construct the clean room.

The main projects that we can conduct are listed as follows
1. The clean engineering for the plants of industry, electron, cosmetic, fiber optic communication, silk-screen printing.
2. The purification engineering for GMP factory, pharmaceutical factory, food products plant and canning workshop of drink water plant.
3. The overall planning, design and construction for laboratory project, sterile laboratory and biological laboratory.
4. The installation, debugging, repair and maintenance for central air conditioning and purification engineering equipment.
5. The air conditioning cleaning project, clean room construction and renovation project for plant, workshop and laboratory.
6. The wall project, ceiling work, ground engineering and other small engineering in the interior of industrial plant.

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