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Since founded for more than a decade, we have exported our products to many foreign countries and provided installation service for purification engineering for famous enterprises at home and abroad. Relying on our advanced production equipment, high quality product and scientific management, we have obtained praise from the customers at home and abroad during the period of construction. Meanwhile, we have established long-term stable cooperation relationship with many foreign enterprises.

Cooperation with Foreign Enterprises
Name of Customer Name of Product Time
MPC ELEAS Co., Ltd. GMP Clean Room with the Cleanliness level of 10000 2011
Benin Eden Milk Co., Ltd. Milk Filling Workshop with the Cleanliness level of 100 2010
India Winlex Impex Pvt. Co., Ltd. CD Production Purification Workshop with the Cleanliness Level of 100000 2009
Cooperation with Domestic Enterprises
Name of Customer Name of Product
CHINT Group Corporation Purification Workshop with the Cleanliness level of 100000
Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau Stainless Steel Air Shower
State Grid Stainless Steel Air Shower
Want Want China Holdings Limited Air Shower
The Branches of COFCO Group in Zhangjiagang, Lianyungang, Chongqing and Changji in Xinjiang Air Shower and Air Curtain

The following pictures tell part of our engineering installation conditions for foreign enterprises and at Shanghai International Exhibition.

  • Construction Scene in Benin 1
  • Construction Scene in Benin 2
  • Construction Scene in Benin 3
  • Construction Scene in Kazakhstan 1
  • Construction Scene in Kazakhstan 2
  • Shanghai International Exhibition
  • Construction Scene in India 1
  • Construction Scene in India 2
  • Construction Scene in India 3
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