Purification Equipment Manufacturer

Yijing Purification Equipment Company Ltd. is an ISO9001 certified air purification equipment manufacturer in China. Some of our more popular products include the medical device clean room, cleanroom air shower, clean bench, pass box, air curtain, Class 100 laminar flow cabinet, and HEPA filter. Our air purification equipment removes impurities from the air to create a clean environment, so it is widely used in the electronic, electrical appliances, medicine, food, scientific research, and many other areas.

  • GMP Clean Room
  • GMP Clean Room Our GMP workshop is constructed in strict accordance with state standards, so we can guarantee the cleanliness level of the workshop. Dust particle, airborne microbe, settling microbe and other indexes of the workshop can pass the inspection at a time.
  • Single Person Air Shower Room
  • Single Person Air ShowerThe single person air shower room is assembled with color foam insulation wallboard and aluminum components. This purification equipment is equipped with a centrifugal fan as well as primary and high efficiency air filters. It features elegant appearance, compact structure, easy maintenance and simple operation.
  • Double Person Air Shower
  • Double Person Air ShowerDesigned with the dimensions of 1400×2000×2100mm, the double person air shower is actually composed by two single person products. The double person purification equipment and the single person product have no difference in function except for the applicable number of people and the volume.
  • Product Air Shower
  • Product Air ShowerThe product air shower is the ideal equipment for clean room. It is especially designed for the fields involving in electronics, machinery, medicine, food, biological engineering, etc. It can achieve air shower for the raw material and equipment which need to enter the clean workshop for production.
  • YJ-VS-1 Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench
  • YJ-VS-1 Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench The YJ-VS-1 vertical laminar flow clean bench has the air inlet on its top. The air is blown from top to bottom and can be filtered through primary, medium and high efficiency filtration.
  • YJ-VS-2 Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench
  • YJ-VS-2 Vertical Laminar Flow Clean BenchIt has two sets of high air pressure and low noise centrifugal fans for two people working at the same time. The air filtration of the double person clean bench is three grades with primary, medium and high efficiency. The novel type punching design is available for the operational table.
  • YJ-HS-1 Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench
  • YJ-HS-1 Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench The product is produced with the outside dimensions of 900×720×1420mm and the operational area dimensions of 860×520×600mm. Three grades of air filtration can be conducted. For the air flow is horizontal, the horizontal laminar flow hood is often used in the electronic industry.
  • YJ-HS-2 Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench
  • YJ-HS-2 Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean BenchThe horizontal laminar flow clean bench blows the air to the working staff from the opposite direction horizontally. It can achieve filtration with primary, medium and high grades. Meanwhile, this horizontal laminar flow cabinet adopts two centrifugal fans which feature high air pressure and low noise.