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HomeYijing Purification Equipment Company Ltd. is an ISO9001 certified air purification equipment manufacturer in China. Some of our more popular products include the medical device clean room, cleanroom air shower, clean bench, pass box, air curtain, Class 100 laminar flow cabinet, and HEPA filter. Our air purification equipment removes impurities from the air to create a clean environment, so it is widely used in the electronic, electrical appliances, medicine, food, scientific research, and many other areas.


Cleanroom Design and ConstructionOur company carries out careful and meticulous check and evaluation for every project. Through communication with customers, we can get aware of the investment strategy and developing goal of customers.

GMP Clean RoomOur GMP workshop is constructed in strict accordance with state standards, so we can guarantee the cleanliness level of the workshop.

Medical Device Clean Room In our particularly clean operation room, the bacterium concentration is no more than 0.2 per cubic meter in the surgical area and no more than 0.4 per cubic meter in the surrounding area.

Aseptic Clean RoomA buffer room is required out of the aseptic room and the doors of both rooms should be set toward different directions to avoid airflow bringing in bacteria.

Clean BoothAs the air purification equipment for providing partial environment with high cleanliness, the product is designed with the interior cleanliness level up to Class 100 to 10000.

Clean Room Sandwich PanelThe product shows great superiority in fast installation, easy disassembly and material reuse. It is especially fit for constructing temporary facilities in construction site such as office, warehouse and enclosure.

Cleanroom Air ShowerThe air shower is the effective purification equipment for clean plant and fabricated small clean room. Through high speed clean air flow, it can blow away the dust attached to the surface of working staff and the carried goods when they enter into the clean room.

Single Person Air ShowerThis purification equipment is equipped with a centrifugal fan as well as primary and high efficiency air filters. It features elegant appearance, compact structure, easy maintenance and simple operation.

Stainless Steel Air Shower Pre-painted Steel Air Shower Steel Air Shower

Double Person Air ShowerDesigned with the dimensions of 1400×2000×2100mm, the double person air shower is actually composed by two single person products. The double person purification equipment and the single person product have no difference in function except for the applicable number of people and the volume.

Product Air ShowerIt is especially designed for the fields involving in electronics, machinery, medicine, food, biological engineering, etc. It can achieve air shower for the raw material and equipment which need to enter the clean workshop for production.

Clean BenchThe clean bench has the vertical flow type and horizontal flow type. It adopts high efficiency air filter which has long lifetime and high filtration efficiency of greater than 99.995%. The minimum diameter of filtered dust is 0.5μm.The air filter is produced in the clean workshop with the cleanliness of 10000 and inspected strictly for quality assurance. The cleanliness of the working area of the product can be class 100, which can meet the American federal standard of 209E completely.

YJ-VS-1 Vertical Laminar Flow Clean BenchThe YJ-VS-1 vertical laminar flow clean bench has the air inlet on its top. The air is blown from top to bottom and can be filtered through primary, medium and high efficiency filtration.

YJ-VS-2 Vertical Laminar Flow Clean BenchIt has two sets of high air pressure and low noise centrifugal fans for two people working at the same time. The air filtration of the double person clean bench is three grades with primary, medium and high efficiency.

YJ-HS-1 Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench The product is produced with the outside dimensions of 900×720×1420mm and the operational area dimensions of 860×520×600mm. Three grades of air filtration can be conducted. For the air flow is horizontal, the horizontal laminar flow hood is often used in the electronic industry.

YJ-HS-2 Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean BenchThe horizontal laminar flow clean bench blows the air to the working staff from the opposite direction horizontally. It can achieve filtration with primary, medium and high grades. Meanwhile, this horizontal laminar flow cabinet adopts two centrifugal fans which feature high air pressure and low noise.

Pass BoxThe pass box is set especially in the clean room for reducing the times of opening the door of clean room. Its main usage is to deliver small articles between clean rooms with different cleanliness or between different clean areas. Then, the unpurified air can be prevented from entering into the clean room with high cleanliness when delivering the things to control the contamination of the clean room to the lowest level.

Stainless Steel Pass BoxBy taking electronic interlocking, the two doors of the stainless steel pass box cannot be opened at the same time. The adopted lock is the high strength magnetic lock. It can bear the load of 60kg.

Door Interlock Pass BoxThe two doors of the pass box take usage of mechanical interlocking to guarantee the doors cannot be opened at the same time. The doors are flat, smooth and have no welding spot. Meanwhile, they are furnished with transparent visible observation windows.

Air CurtainThe air curtain is hung on the top of door and blows the air downwards. It is used for isolating the indoor and outdoor air. The installation of the product won’t affect people coming in and out of the public places. What’s more, the application of air door can prevent the fly, dust, exhaust gas and the hot or cold air from entering into the indoor room. With the support of the air conditioning, the equipment can get much better effect and achieve energy saving.

FM30 Air Curtain The adopted high efficiency PTC heating element is developed by integrating the latest technology from abroad. It is safe and has the features of no open fire, long lifetime and high durability.

FM18 High Velocity Air CurtainOur air curtain adopts the PTC heating element which takes usage of advanced foreign technology and has the advantages of high safeness, long life span, high durability and no open flame. Furnished with contactors, the air door can realize the cold and hot air switching freely.

Class 100 Laminar Flow CabinetThe Class 100 laminar flow cabinet meets the American federal 209E standard. It is used for storing the products of enterprises in solar energy, medicine, food, scientific research and other areas for quality assurance and security. Our laminar flow storage cabinet can guarantee the protected articles from contamination by the dust in air.

Open Type Laminar Flow CabinetOur dust-free cabinet can achieve three grades of air filtration and the filtration efficiency for filtering the dust particle with the diameter of 0.3µm can be 99.995%. The adopted high efficiency air filter is ultra thin and has no baffle.

Double Door Laminar Flow CabinetThe product has four separated parts as the working areas. It can achieve primary, medium and high efficiency air filtration with the efficiency of 99.995% for the dust particle with the diameter of 0.3µm.

HEPA FilterThe MPT HEPA filter has no baffle. It uses the hot melt adhesive to replace the aluminum foil of the product with baffle to achieve filtration.

Sandwich Panel and Honeycomb Panel

Non-fireproof EPS Core Sandwich Panel The non-fireproof EPS core sandwich panel is widely applied due to its easy and rapid installation, which saves the installation cost accordingly. In addition to excellent thermal insulation performance, our composite panel is featured by superior air tightness ...

Fire-proof Rock Wool Core Sandwich PanelTotal thickness: 50, 75, 100, 120, 150, 200mm
Width: 950, 1150mm
Length: Less than 11.8m

Fire-proof Aluminum Honeycomb PanelOur fire-proof aluminium honeycomb panel is a kind of environmental friendly building material. It comes in light weight, optimal intensity, and outstanding rigidity. Flat and straight, the lightweight honeycomb panel is easy to process and shape for various applications.

About UsWe use advanced, high quality products and our years of experience in the industry to provide customers with honesty, constant innovation, and high quality products. Utilizing advanced processing and inspection equipment helps us to ensure our products’ quality. For example, our manufacturing equipment includes an automatic laser cutting machine, three automatic CNC plate shears, and two bending machines.

ServiceWe can develop scheme design for the purification plant according to the drawing. Through several times of communication with the customers, the final scheme can be determined. Then we can bid for the product. After signing the contract, we would send our engineers to carry out site survey and then deliver the products ...

Who UsedSince founded for more than a decade, we have exported our products to many foreign countries and provided installation service for purification engineering for famous enterprises at home and abroad. Relying on our advanced production equipment, high quality product and scientific management, we have obtained praise from the customers at home and abroad during the period of construction.

Some of Our Clean Engineering Achievements in 2011 Cooperation with the Enterprises at Home and Abroad

CertificatesWuxi Yijing is a specialized purification equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides cleanroom air shower room, clean bench, cleanroom pass box, clean room HEPA filter, and more.

Company TourAs a professional purification equipment manufacturer in China, Wuxi Yijing provides a vast array of products, including single person air shower room, double person vertical laminar flow clean bench, cleanroom pass box, and more.

FAQThe air shower mainly makes use of the clean air from the nozzle to blow off the dust on the surface of the staff entering in the workshop and the objects, preventing the pollutant source from being brought into the clean workshop.

Basic KnowledgeThe clean room can also be called dust free room. It is the special designed room, in which the pollutants in the air such as micro particle, harmful gas and bacterium are removed away and the room characteristics must be controlled in a certain level...

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